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Thursday, October 26, 2006

U-Fn 35% U-Fucoidan Extract

Research done in Japan and in Europe discovered the ability of another polysaccharide from seaweed to fight cancer, U-Fucoidan. It causes cancer cells to self-destruct. Within 72 hours in the test tube. Turns out it is also excellent for dealing with an enlarged and painful prostate.
U-fucoidan is a polysaccharide found mainly in brown seaweed. Kombu (Laminaria japonica) is distinctively rich in this substance. Brown seaweed has been found continuously to be the most beneficial among other seaweeds and plants.
In clinical studies U-fucoidan was administered to cancer cells in test tubes where they died within 72 hours. This process is known as apoptosis; the destruction of cells from within due to activation by the digestive enzymes contained in the cells themselves. Interestingly, Okinawa, Japan has the lowest cancer mortality rate in Japan, and it is where kombu is predominantly consumed.
U-Fn is concentrated brown seaweed extract. It has 35% u-fucoidan and a natural balance of vitamins and minerals from the seaweed. U-Fn is also a strong antioxidant.
Health Benefits: Clinical studies have shown that fucoidan can...
Decrease cholesterol levels - its enzymes break down fatty acids in the liver
Diabetes control - slows down the release of glucose into the blood
Lower blood pressure
Improve liver function
Improve immunity - increases the production of immune cells or natural killer cells (NK cells)
Reduce stomach disorders
Skin rejuvenation - increases the production of integrin, a protein that helps in skin repair and firmness
Relieve allergies- because of the increase of NK cells
Relieve arthritis - by promoting the production of fibronetin which plays an important part in keeping joints flexible and lubricated
Herpes remedy - because of fucoidan's antiviral properties
Stop formation of cancer cells - through a process called apoptosis (cell self-destructing)